About Paper Street Tree Co.

Paper Street Tree Co. was founded in 2013 by Richie Hill

Paper Street Tree Co. is a company based on professionalism and delivering expert advice in highly changeable environments. Our focus is to build sustainable partnerships between people, trees and green spaces, and to provide pragmatic long-term solutions.

Paper Street Tree Co. was founded in 2013 by Richie Hill. Richie’s vision for the company is to provide solutions for clients and organisations, so that they can realise more value from their tree assets.

Richie has been dealing with trees and people in the built environment for most of his career. Beginning as a professional arborist, he now provides consultancy services for councils, infrastructure companies and other organisations.

Arboricultural research is growing. Richie gives a high priority to keeping abreast of current research, integrating it into his consultancy to provide informed recommendations for decision makers.

Trees provide in-part solutions to some of the challenges we face. To successfully meet these challenges, collaboration and partnerships are needed. PS works collaboratively with all affected parties so that deliverable outcomes can be achieved.

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