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How we help trees & people

Finding a balance between the needs of trees, people and buildings can be challenging and complex. It requires creative thinking and specialist input. Paper Street Tree Co. works at this strategic interface to provide efficient solutions so you or your organisation can realise more value from your tree assets.

Planning & Development

Paper Street Tree Co. provide construction guidance for the protection of trees during development works. Services include:

  • Predesign services
    Provide expert guidance prior to formalising development plans, to facilitate the design process. Early input from an arboricultural specialist can maximise the potential tree benefits for a proposal.
  • Consent reporting
    Provide guidance and reporting to support resource consent applications.
  • Site monitoring
    Provide tailored arboricultural project management for the duration of a project to ensure important trees are successfully retained.
  • Planning
    Expert review of arboricultural reports for local authorities for consent processing.

Tree Management

Paper Street Tree Co. provides a suite of innovative tools so that informed tree management decisions can be reached. Trees provide important environmental services. Understanding the benefits a tree delivers is important so that the cost to maintain and preserve a tree is proportionate to the tree’s value. Our aim is to implement sustainable practices to enhance and preserve long-term objectives, ensuring successive and existing tree benefits are maximised, in consideration with budget restraints.

Our management process considers:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Condition assessments
  • Age class of vegetation
  • Risk
  • Management recommendations
  • Priority
  • Successive planting/ areas of planting to increase the tree benefits
  • Inspection periods

Presentations are provided for all data captured. Our role is to educate and to assist in tree management to provide cost-effective long-term solutions.

Tree Mapping

Having a clear map of tree locations is important for efficient tree management. Capturing accurate mapping data can provide far more important information than just tree location. PS provides aerial mapping in association with aerial solutions (www.aerialsolutions.co.nz) to capture high quality data. The data provides; tree locations, canopy coverage ratios, heights and visual interpretation of canopy health. PS tailors mapping solutions to meet the best needs for you or your organisation.


Prescribing planting specifications is an important area to get right, as is has a significant impact on successful tree establishment, tree health and tree longevity. If maximum value is to be realised from a tree, it is vital that investment and careful consideration be made at the planting design stages. Paper Street Tree Co. provides expert guidance on the following:

  • Soil assessment
    The healthier the soil the healthier the tree and therefore the more resilient a tree is to environmental stresses, which leads to improved long-term cost savings.
  • Planter pit design/specifications
    This is an important area for consideration. If roots have places to grow, infrastructure damage is reduced. Once again, a healthy rooting area assists successful tree establishment, and improves tree resilience and greater long-term cost savings.
  • Species and tree selection
    For successful tree establishment to take place, good tree stock is important. Collaborating with nurseries to grow plants to certain specifications, and choosing the correct species for the space, are important in terms of long-term retention.
  • Planting schedules
    Provide specific planting specifications for tree-planting projects.
  • Aftercare programme
    Provide aftercare measures to facilitate successfully plant establishment.
  • Formative pruning plans
    Poor tree structure is one of the primary causes of limb failure. Applying structural pruning during the formative years of tree establishment is important to ensure trees establish a strong structure. Paper Street Tree Co. pruning plans are tailored to the requirements of site and the species involved.

Expert Guidance

There are certain circumstances where special guidance is required, such as the following:

  • Notable tree assessments
    A Standard Tree Evaluation Method (STEM) is the method adopted and used by the majority of local authorities to evaluate their notable trees. Richie has carried out over 600 STEM assessments and has developed efficient methods for assessment.
  • Management of high-value amenity tree assets
    Certain high value trees may be in an advanced life stage, and therefore require special management. PS can provide tree-specific management plans to preserve such trees and maximise their benefits.
  • Contentious tree issues
    Certain trees can cause hardship or be problematic. We take an independent and objective approach to these issues, working towards resolutions.
  • Facilitating research needs
    Whether it is data capture, seed collection or assisting in canopy access for scientific research, Paper Street Tree Co. can provide a solution for any tree-based project.
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