Expert Guidance

Detaile reporting

There are certain circumstances where special guidance is required, such as the following:

  • Notable tree assessments
    A Standard Tree Evaluation Method (STEM) is the method adopted and used by the majority of local authorities to evaluate their notable trees. Richie has carried out over 600 STEM assessments and has developed efficient methods for assessment.
  • Management of high-value amenity tree assets
    Certain high value trees may be in an advanced life stage, and therefore require special management. PS can provide tree-specific management plans to preserve such trees and maximise their benefits.
  • Contentious tree issues
    Certain trees can cause hardship or be problematic. We take an independent and objective approach to these issues, working towards resolutions.
  • Facilitating research needs
    Whether it is data capture, seed collection or assisting in canopy access for scientific research, Paper Street Tree Co. can provide a solution for any tree-based project.
  • Review consent report
    Peer review tree reports for local authorities for resource consent purposes.
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